A safer slave morality

via UtopiaOrBust:

It’s annoying when someone “takes up too much space” in an assembly. Whether someone is talking too much, not allowing others to speak, and they are unempathetically entitled to keep talking and talking. So when that behavior is preemptively untolerated it’s called a “safer space policy.”


— A strategy, a system of strategies, that promotes weakness instead of overcoming them is a slave morality.

— A way of being that justifies being oneself for who they are and who they want to become is a master morality.


Slave morality justifies being a slave. Master morality justifies being yourself. The master’s identity is not to be a slave, but to be a master of your own desires, because you are your own master.


That is what being an anarchist is to me: being a master of yourself.


Slave moralities are like the thoughts of a severely depressed person who does not believe in their own decisiveness and abilities. They therefore do not think highly of themselves and do not give themselves what they deserve. This is how the slave thinks. They are slaves and have accepted this as their identity, because it has been driven into them. This why the slave comes up with an alternative strategy to conquer the master. The strategy has to be more elaborate and linguistic. But the slave’s morality does not overcome the slavery, rather, it seeks to dis-empower anyone who is greater, or acts greater, than the slave. The Roman poets knew that the slaves were witty and their words can dis-empower the masters. But their words and their policies only seek to empower slaves as slaves. So the slave morality is very counter-revolutionary. An anarchist cannot live by a slave morality. An anarchist wants to destroy slavery. An anarchist is a master of themselves. A slave revolt would not be for safer slave conditions, but for total freedom. The identity of the slave or the proletariat does not exist in my conception of a revolution which abolishes slavery and capitalism. Why would someone want to be a proletariat, why would someone want to be a slave? Why would someone want  a slave identity? Why fight a battle if your identity is still the same on the other side: that you are the loser?


We are masters knowing we exist in a world of slavery. We can identify as ourselves and create spaces for collective and self realization.


Ben Allen – Electric Dream Queen

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3 Responses to A safer slave morality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nietzsche hated anarchists. This is boring.

    • STAARFOX says:

      Yeah, it’s boring when anarchists talk about safer space.

    • STAARFOX says:

      “Nietzsche hated anarchists” —– if you know something about Nietzsche show me where you think he hates anarchists. Nietzsche isn’t the one writing this, anyway. The post doesn’t say I hate anarchists. If I use the word “proletariat” and you conflate everything wrong with Marx with that word, you’re doing the same thing.

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