COMMUNE, film showing at the Red & Black [Friday, April 13th]

from Utopia Or Bust:

11 x 8.5 inch poster available for printing here. Thanks in advance for promoting!




400 SE 12th AVENUE @ 7PM

* Donations accepted for the production of the new documentary we’re working on “Metropolis” based in Seattle.

COMMUNE will also be shown in Eugene, Ashland, Bend and Seattle in the following weeks leading up to May 1st.


###### ###### ###### ######

inverted poster: 8.5 x 11 – download.

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1 Response to COMMUNE, film showing at the Red & Black [Friday, April 13th]

  1. STAARFOX says:

    This film was made in 2010… here’s some info from the description…

    “A terrible community constitutes itself in opposition to an opponent and, in that opposition, closes in on itself and begins to rot. Some say that Olympia, once home to ELF cells, the diffuse network of Port Militarization Resistance, and a broad community of anarchists, has become little more than a stale, dusty closet, a cafe-to-show circuit, a green-washed, gentrifying haven of the left. In short, a terrible community. COMMUNE is an experiment. On the negative side, it exposes that Olympia runs business as usual despite its high activist-per-capita ratio and radical reputation. But the film also reveals the existence of many different communes, spreading on their own, outside of anarchist or radical circles.”


    “Even if you do not live in Olympia, COMMUNE is a lens through which you can look at your own terrible community and what lies just outside of it. You think you’re alone, but there are people all around who share your angers and desires.”

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