Announcing the Cascadian Anarchist Olympics!

From PSA:

A weekend of Anarchy in Olympia, April 20, 21, & 22!

We’re excited to announce three days and two nights of Cascadians converging on Olympia to practice our skills in a series of mock competitions, short demonstrations, skillshares and games that help to arm us with tactical knowledge for upcoming protests, demonstrations and actions. We believe sharing this knowledge and gathering socially will better prepare us all for success and safety on the streets, on May Day and beyond.

Friday night, we introduce each other to the format of the (A) Olympics as well as find lodging and camping options.

Saturday and Sunday mornings, we will be doing a series of presentations and hands-on workshops aimed at sharing skills and knowledge that will help us fight and win both on and off the streets, such as cell phone security, tear gas defense, and more.
Saturday and Sunday afternoons will be mock competitions, including speed consensus, slingshot target practice, team de-blocing and more.

We’re exploring getting food, music, and speakers to help fill out the schedule.

Childcare may be provided. We aren’t sure at this point, but we’re trying.

If you are willing and able to facilitate a workshop, presentation or skillshare,
or if you need special accommodations with lodging or anything else,
or if you have any other questions or concerns,

please contact the organizers at cascadiananarchistolympics(at)riseup(dot)net

Updates are available at www(dot)cascadiananarchistolympics(dot)wordpress(dot)com

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One Response to Announcing the Cascadian Anarchist Olympics!

  1. some anarchists in olympia says:


    These are some of the things we’re currently working on. In true mutual aid fashion, we’d appreciate as many helping hands to make this thing happen as possible.

    1) Workshops!!!
    ■Things you would like to know
    ■Things you can teach

    2) Space
    ■Camping locations
    ■Spaces for workshops (fields, lots, etc)
    ■Couches or floors in Olympia where visiting comrades can crash.

    3) Food
    ■Preferably free (for you and us!)
    ■Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten free options

    4) Transportation
    ■If you can drive a carpool to the Olympics, let us know so we can put people in touch with you
    ■It follows with the above that if you need transportation, get at us so we can try to help.
    ■We need a truck to help move props back and forth within Olympia — we can help with gas.

    If you can help with any of these things, or if you can think of other ways you can help (or anything at all you think it would be good for us to know) PLEASE hit us up!
    We can use all the help we can get.

    We can’t wait to see you all!

    <3 & Solidarity, (and don’t forget the rage)

    Some anarchists in Cascadia

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