New Changes at Grey Coast


Grey Coast Anarchist News ( has changed from a Portland, Oregon-based anarchist news & information website to a Northwest anarchist resource site. (News and information can still be posted however.) The focus is on spaces and groups that can be connected with, for interconnecting our struggles bio-regionally. Geographically the focus is the Olympia Peninsula to the West, Victoria and Vancouver BC to the North, Boise and Missoula from the East, Humboldt-area to the South & everything in between. It will take some time to develop the links, similar to’s “Anarchist Neighborhood” wiki project, but you can help by sending anything relevant to your area. We’ll include links to local anarchist projects in as many places we can link to, as well as resources and ways to find out what’s going on in the Northwest. There is a new page at the top for films made by anarchists or of interest to anarchists in the Northwest.

Since we’ve started the site for Portland the author of the site relocated out of Portland. But as an experiment it was discovered that the side-bar links (to local projects, anarchist spaces, and collectives) as well as the anarchist calendar were the most-used and probably the most useful to anarchists in the Portland area. The goal was to increase the density of links and networks, to be more transparent, permeable and to allow an easier flow of information. The news portion wasn’t of as much interest as the connections/links provided through the site. So we want to expand that and do the same for the region. If anarchists want to include news as well, you can still send the articles to the site by (a) emailing or (b) using the “send content” page at the top. You can also create a WordPress account and put articles on here as you please.

Contact us to send in your local or regional links, projects and resources. Here are some more ideas of what is envisioned for the site:

  • Regional & local anarchist assembly info/dates can be linked here.
  • The “Regional Links“page at the top has sub-pages for most of the relevant cities/areas in the Northwest, which all include links to local projects by locality and/or metro area.
  • Information about local struggles in the pages for each city. For example, Tacoma is where the Northwest Detention Center is located and is been a focus for that area. Anti-police is a focus in Portland. Central and Southern Oregon will have links to info about the forests. Port trucker info is interesting to Seattle, etc.
  • The anarchist calendar has a regional focus, color-coded by city.
  • Book tours and anarchists on tour. If someone or a group is touring the NW, share the info and contact info on Grey Coast, that way anarchists in other NW cities can pick up on it, and figure out how to bring the speakers to their town.
  • Regional demonstrations. If there’s a call out for a regional demo, send it here.
  • Regional solidarity. Callouts for regional solidarity can be linked from here.
  • Things of cultural interest: such as art and music. Benefits, bookfairs and events of regional interest.

Love & Chaos

Grey Coast


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