Aaron Campbell’s Killer – Office Ron Frashour reinstated – Protest is Monday 11:30

From Portland Indymedia.


Dont go insane – But the insane killer cop Ron Frashour has been re-instated.

Our insane police force could give 2 shits about killing citizens (unarmed) and then to make matters worse turning loose into the streets the killers who are doing this to our citizens.

Ron Frashour is re-instated (arggggggg!!)

Aaron Campbell

The AMA has organized a protest at 11:30 On Monday 3/2/12
The protest will be at ?

I haven’t got that info yet – I’m thinking it will be City Hall or the justice center
The AMA website is here http://www.albinaministerialcoalition.org/Releases.html

They may update the info there soon – This was posted at 3:00Pm on Friday afternoon

It was just over one year ago when Portland Citizens gathered to protest Ron Frashouir being on the police force in our community.

Below is the link to the video which was recorded on the steps of the Justice Center in Feb 2010

I hope there will be 4 times as many people this Monday
This is wrong, and the police and the city are rubbing our faces in it

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