Video of liquidated presentation on youth detention “Master Plan” for King County

From PSA:

(FYI the text in this video is not fully visible.)

Communique For Sabotaging King County Council Cash Orgy

The King County Council, the same group of geniuses that liquidated the Free Ride Area downtown, decided to have a public meeting at Seattle University in order to discuss their plans for the King County Youth Detention Center. It is no surprise that Seattle University was chosen to host this meeting, given that the school is one of the primary nodes of gentrification in the Central District. The developed area of 12th Avenue near the school has grown considerably over the years and now the council is helping developers extend that area to the edge of the Central District.

The plan calls for the remodeling of the Detention Center and the incorporation of upscale apartments and storefronts into the block. The County Council is proposing a tax levee to voters and will sell off over half the property to private interests in order to “offset costs to the taxpayer.” There is clearly some ass-slapping and money-dealing going on behind the scenes. In light of these developments, dozens of people attended the meeting with County Council in order to make clear the utter disgust and hatred they had for these youth-incarceration profiteers.

Moments into the presentation, people started yelling at the Council, calling them out for their greed and duplicity. None of the council members could defend themselves and some of them even attempted to use their authority to silence people. This did not work and in their panic they called the SPD for protection. The judges in the room were verbally stripped of their authority and revealed to be what they were. In the case of one judge, he was revealed to be a small toad with a human finger that he could point at people. Ultimately, the meeting was called off and the plans of the council were thwarted for the time being.

In conclusion, we would like to remind everyone that regular noise demonstrations are held for the benefit of the young people locked inside. Hopefully you will participate in the next one and also attend any events related to the ultimate destruction of the Youth Detention Center. We have no demands of the County Council, and the only action they could hope to take is to immediately free the youth, demolish the buildings, and leave the field unowned, belonging to no one and everyone. While we are not strong enough yet to destroy the detention center ourselves, we hope to be so one day, just as the people of Egypt were able to during their revolution. If we can ever accomplish this task, we will be living in a revolutionary moment and the world will be open to us. That day cannot come soon enough.

A video communique will be released to accompany this text.

Generalizing disquiet,

The Committee to Liquidate Order


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