Rapist-owned tattoo shop smashed – Portland

Submitted by “Matthew Mattison Accountability Committee”
In the early hours of April 23rd, 2012, we paid a visit to The Little Tattoo Shoppe owned by Matthew Mattison. Matthew was recently outed as a rapist and a sexual predator. After painting “Rapist get out of town” on the front door, we smashed every window we could.

These are our demands:
1. We want you to seek professional help and attempt to make reparations for the things you’ve done.
2. We want you to stop tattooing while you go through this process because that is the tool you used in order to trap and abuse your victims.
3. We want you to issue a public statement documenting the progress you’ve made to repair the damage you’ve done.

This is a warning to you, Matthew, and all sexual abusers everywhere. Not everyone may believe the survivors of your abuse, but enough of US know and that’s all that matters.

Failure to reach our demands will result in our return, when we do, we’ll come for more than just the windows.

***We act separately from the survivors. No one called for or asked for this to happen, except Matthew. This was done in solidarity with the survivors, we don’t know any of them personally and this was an autonomous action.

-Matthew Mattison Accountability Committee

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One Response to Rapist-owned tattoo shop smashed – Portland

  1. This is a great direct action! Solidarity!

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