Portland anarchist assembly: this Saturday!

Food for Thought at PSU
1825 SW Broadway
(Basement of Smith Memorial Student Union!),

This a call to the anarchist and broader anti-authoritarian community to reconvene
in assembly and continue to develop ourselves as members of a larger network here in
Portland. In doing this we hope to establish new ties of solidarity and affinity as
well as to further cement those that already exist. Consider those relevant topics
and ideas that you might want to discuss with wide spectrum of anti-authoritarians.

We will be discussing May Day as well as hearing reportbacks from ongoing projects and have a chance to talk about ideas for new projects.

If you are new to anarchism or anarchist organizing this will be a great place to
get plugged in and meet like-minded radicals. If you’ve been around for a while come
share what you’re working on!

Discussion about May Day, community building, current Portland Projects.

Disclaimer: This is a public call to an open meeting, expect to discuss topics which can be discussed without need of security, as this will not be a secure space.

Email us for childcare needs at:

Cops and journalists are unwelcome.

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