Seattle: May Events at the Wildcat

Via The Wildcat. May 2:

The struggle continues… this month at The Wildcat!

Great May Day, everyone!  But what about the rest of May…?


This month The Wildcat is having a lot of awesome events that are also
benefits.  We need your support to keep The Wildcat going, but even more
important is that the space is used to host rad events like discussions,
reading groups, dinners, meetings, classes, films, poetry nights, and
workshops.  Have an idea for an event?  Shoot us an email or send us your
info through our website:

The Wildcat is there for you to use, so use it!

Saturday, May 5, 7pm
Film: “23rd and Union” with director Rafael Flores and Suntonio Bandanaz

Join us for a film and discussion about gentrification in the Central

“23rd & Union” (also an intersection very close to The Wildcat) is a
docu-drama that weaves real interviews with fictional characters to
investigate the 2008 murder of Degene Berecha in the popular Seattle
restaurant “Philadelphia Cheese-Steak”. The director was a friend of the
victim and shares mutual acquaintances with the convicted murderer. He
completed interviews with a wide range of people familiar with each man to
help interpret the circumstances that led to the shooting. The film is an
ADAPTED story and is used as a vehicle to discuss gentrification and the
tension between young African-American men, Ethiopian immigrants and gay
couples in Seattle’s Central District.

Director Rafael Flores and local hiphop artist Suntonio Bandanaz will be
there to participate in a discussion after the film.  For a preview, see

Sunday, May 6, noon – 3pm
Prisoner Letter Writing

Come together with others who share a passion for the struggle of our
comrades behind bars.  Stamps and envelopes provided; feel free to bring
change to donate to our stamp fund.  There will be contact info for
political, queer, and trans prisoners who want to get mail.

Sunday, May 20, 3 – 6 pm
Play Reading & Benefit: Revolutionary Purity Showdown by Richard Ades

This play was written and performed in Detroit in 1979. It was part of a
“dialog” on issues of relevance to anarchists and anti-authoritarians.

L@s Quixotes members and possibly audience volunteers will be doing this
reading as a benefit for L@s Quixotes Radical Lending Library/Infoshop and
The Wildcat.

The play can be viewed online at:

(You may need to copy the above link and paste it into a new browser window.)

Wednesday, May 23, 9pm
Benefit Show for The Wildcat at Black Lodge

If you care about having a dependable, free space for awesome radical
events and you like diverse, underground music, this show is for you…

E-mail us for more info.


Blackbird Raum (CA)

Margy Pepper (Oly)

Other band(s) TBA but rest assured they will melt your face (or at least
bring a healthy glow to your cheeks).

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