Black Bloc as Water

from PSA. May 5:

Black Bloc as Water


I write this as an observer of the Anti-Capitalist May Day march in Seattle. I, myself, was not a participant in the Black Bloc and through writing this compromise my anonymity and bar any future involvement in the tactic. It is a response to the chatter of the days past in which charges ranging from involvement of agent-provocateur to infantile or cowardice nihilists are abound. The effectiveness of the participants maintaining their anonymity disallows me from validating none. I am therefore limited to the merits of the tactic.

Black bloc is water. It is not a characteristic of a political philosophy, whether it is anarchistic or any other. It is merely a tactic that can be adopted by any group that wishes to. Its virtues are no different from those of guerilla, conventional, or passive resistance. It is one that participants feel to be most effective and proper at the given moment.

Like water, participants are enabled to move smoothly as a body of water, using the strength of that body. At certain junctures it allows for individual molecules to break out of the body, erode the landscape, and spring back into the body as part of the indistinguishable mass.

Unless the target is transportation, it does not go against traffic. It understands that doing so will only divide them into smaller streams in which their body is rendered impotent. It understands that it does not have the resonance of a roaring river to divert stones upstream to other tributaries. It hence moves downstream on dried up river beds acting as a bulwark to the rubble rendered immobile behind them.

Agent-provocateur or self-promotion made ineffective. The self-promoter is made a scapegoat by the state. After induction, one cannot speak of their actions; the power is in the collective. The agent-provocateur is limited to targeting what is acceptable. Any deviance from it results in isolation and expulsion like oil in water.

Motivated by molecules of past, present, and future; participants in Black Bloc are not mindless atoms. The structures each molecule erodes are exact. They see it as a hindrance to their gyatso or impediment to the same.

Blood beckons reaction, so through red paint bombs on corporate corpus seeps revelations of hands unclean. It understands the viscous potency of blood and therefore avoids targeting individuals. They will more readily shed their own than that of another, unless given no recourse for the maintenance of their characteristic integrity: that of water.

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