From PSA. May 5:

Now that May Day has passed, it is more important than ever to KEEP GOING. One easy thing anarchists can do (which is particularly important now with the onslaught of slander against us) is to provide counter-information. There were a lot of really nice posters designed for the big day… why stop now? We can’t get overwhelmed by the media’s assault or let the fear of repression prevent us from acting. It is important that we exert some control over the May Day narrative by framing and telling the story ourselves. Some things have already been written, and this is great. But there are many, many other means of expression.

Lies are dropping like maggots from the mouths of our enemies. This is a precious moment when people are actually interested in thinking for more than three seconds about what anarchism is. It would be a shame to let this opportunity pass by…

Banner drops, posters, leaflet drops, disruptions, flash mobs, noise demos, paint-bombings, hand-to-hand flyering, tabling, informational events, outdoor film projections, graffiti: keep going! Be creative and experiment with something new.

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