May 2012 Issue of The Sovereign Self

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via PSA. May 7:

May’s Issue of The Sovereign Self is out!

Issue #8 of The Sovereign Self* is out and we are delighted to announce that after these first eight months, through much thought and discussion and thanks to ample encouragement from our closest comrades, we have decided to continue this project. Working on The Sovereign Self has been a welcomed challenge with many rewards. The connections made, conversations spurred and correspondences had have been enriching experiences for us and because of this we have chosen to carry on with it.

In May’s issue one will find: a thought-provoking piece on amorality; a beginner’s guide to starting an anarchist cult; a Letter to [an] Editor opening a conversation on ‘the environment’ as an abstract idea along with a response; as well as, a piece from the past on the differentiation between thinking and thought shedding light on accepted ideas and those that are pushed and called to question. Some selections from this month’s issue can be found below:

“The lifeblood of any cult is its members own feelings of insufficiency, insecurity, self-hatred guilt and shame.”
10 Ground Rules for Forming Your Anarchist Cult

“Those coming from a moral position — however obscured these may be — project their personal issues with themselves and their existence onto all human life. It is this very sort of projection that is the basis of all moral positions.”
An Amoral Position

“All who wield authority do it in the name of an idea: equality, justice, love, right, duty, humanity, God, the State. Small wonder, therefore, if those who sit in the seats of authority look askance at any tampering with names and ideas. It is a different matter of the one idea.”
Thinking and Thought

Quite a few small changes have been made to the paper regarding the submission deadlines, subscription/individual issue costs, and our address:

If you are interested in contributing to the paper all submissions are due by the fifteenth of each month. Submitted pieces will be accepted so long as they reside within the vein of egoist and individualist anarchist thought and are 2000 words or less. We are interested in the whole gamut: short, long, theoretical and creative pieces.

The cost for a subscription, beginning the month of your request, is eight dollars (for six issues), one copy of a single current-issue remains two dollars and all single past-issues are three. Until June, cash can be sent to our mailing address (see below), or you can choose to pay via our WePay page at: Feel free to email us with any inquiries regarding subscriptions, single issues and bulk orders you might have. Our paper can also be found at the following places: Left Bank Books in Seattle, Little Black Cart ( The Sovereign Self is available only in physical form. It does not exist as PDF nor is it readily available on the internet.
Feel free to contact us at:
Highwayman Press
PO Box #110875
Tacoma, WA 98411*

The Editors

*The Sovereign Self is a monthly anarchist paper, one of egoist and individualist persuasion. We do not concern ourselves with making alliances based on the lowest common denominator (sadly a far too frequent reality amongst the anarchist movement in this country). Instead, we publish and spread our ideas, however harsh, critical, or in some cases, even positive they may be. We do this not to gain adherence, but to speak to those who will find power in these words, those who would lead themselves – the free libertarian, the rebel, the anarchist. This paper acts as a medium for the uncontrollable.
*As of June 1st, mail will no longer be accepted at this mailing address. We will let you know when we obtain a new address!

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