Victoria: Oil Chokepoint trainings [May 22]

Camas Infoshop:

Chokepoint 1 – How to stop a goddamn oil tanker

Tuesday, 22 May 2012, 06:00pm – 08:00pm

CHOKEPOINT 1: how to stop a goddamn oil tanker
6-8 pm Tuesday May 22

An interactive workshop with Zoe Blunt on grassroots strategies to shut down tar
sands tankers and pipelines.

Open to all who share the determination to help defend our coast.

This is a “Campaign 101” workshop. Together we will identify what
makes a movement – allies, targets, strategies, tactics, short and
long-term goals. Plus an introduction to meta-tactics like
back-casting and pre-figuring.

Coming soon:

CHOKEPOINT 2: Non-violence training
CHOKEPOINT 3: Unity, Diversity and Affinity.
CHOKEPOINT 4: Direct action gets the goods.

Location : Camas Books
Contact :

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