Cascadian Flag in Adidas commercial for “a new revolution”

The only thing interesting about this is that a corporation is usingbioregional overtones to market a new commodity. Seeing as a lot of anarchists are into the idea, I still don’t understand why Cascadia has a flag.



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from Cascadia Now. May 16:

Portland Timber Army and Cascadia Feature Prominently in new Adidas Commercial “A New Revolution”

“Revolutions are born from simple ideas. Insights that become emotions. Desires that become innovations. Systems that unleash true potential. It’s time for a new revolution…”

Albeit it for a soccer advertisement, one can’t help but love the subtle context that Adidas has placed their new ‘Revolutionary Smart Soccer’ product line into.

The Portland Timber Army play a starring role, front and center in the new commercial which focuses on midfielder and forward Darlington Nagbe, set against a sea of waving flags, obscured in a green haze. Other players who appear include SKC’s Teal Bunbury, FC Dallas’ Brek Shea, and Real Salt Lake’s Javier Morales.

Shot over the course of several days including the Timber Army’s 1-0 win over Kansas City Last month,  over a few events including Timbers 1-0 win over Kansas City the piece is meant to premiere Saturday during the Chelsea-Bayern Munich Champions League Final on FOX.

For more information read the original blog post from the Timber Army or see if you can spot the Cascadian Doug Flag below:


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1 Response to Cascadian Flag in Adidas commercial for “a new revolution”

  1. Brandon says:

    Asking why Cascadia has a flag is akin to wondering why Anarchists often dress in black, use black and red colors, or incorporate the circle and A.

    The Doug Flag is a symbol, which helps to bring is together and incorporate elements that we feel are important and help represent the region – the blue for the salish sea, ocean, and bodies of fresh water; the white for snowcrested mountains and ever present clouds and drizzle, the green for the evergreen forest and with a Douglas fir whose growth accurately reflects the bioregions that define Cascadia and more broadly the Pacific Northwest.

    It also serves as a symbol of defiance and resistance in direct contrast with the limits, artificial boundaries and borders imposed by the United States, and is instead of a tool of our envisioning for something better. Not to represent a nation, but instead to represent our values, and the things that we find important here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Just as Anarchists carry a black flag, as a Cascadian bioregionalist, we raise and will contintue to fly the Cascadian Doug flag.

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