Government Dividing The Gitxsan

Gitxsan Unity Movement. May 19:


If the Government had there way, they would be happy keeping all First Nations in the country divided. They would benefit from the extraction of the resources on traditional territories while the Nations are infighting. The Gitxsan Unity Movement has been working hard battling the Gitxsan Treaty Society (GTS), government agents who are selling us out.

download .pdf 

The following is a map of the Gitxsan territories, in the shaded yellow area is the territories who’s Chiefs have signed the Declaration stating that the GTS does not represent them any more. Please note that Geel and Skiimlaxha also are not represented by the GTS. It puts a lot into perspective that the GTS represents the majority of Gitxsan West and a few dissident Chiefs from Gitxsan North who are against Unity.

Download full size (1283 KB)

The day of separation is fastly approaching us if the leadership of the Gitxsan Nation does not realize what the Governments are doing to us through out the GTS!

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