Eureka police use petrol chemicals to burn out homeless camps

High Boldtage. May 22:

Eureka Police Using Chemicals Against the Homeless Poor! Letter from Kathy Anderson

For the last week, May 14-20, the Eureka police dept., county and city officials have been using fire and petrol chemicals to burn out the homeless camps along the west side of Humboldt Bay. These fires have destroyed tents and personal survival gear. This assault began with threats from the police to campers that they were going to use chemicals along the bay that were harmful to humans and animals. The worst part is how inhumane people are being treated by these officers and city/county officials, the trauma of being threatened with harm should people not obey and leave their camps (homes). The thought of where to go is disturbing to say the least, as there is no where for homeless persons to legally camp in HumCo and there is not enough affordable housing for them to rent!

Personally, I am horrified at the actions of the city of Eureka and the lack of interest from the county towards appropriate care for the most vulnerable people in our communities, the homeless.

Burning out the homes of poor people is a flagrant disregard for human life and the most barbaric action of government I’ve seen in this country, what is supposed to be a FREE and safe place to live.

(read the rest here.)

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