Seattle: Report Back From 5/24 Juvenile Detention Center Noise Demo May 25:

Report Back From 5/24 Juvenile Detention Center Noise Demo

On Thursday, May 24th, a group of approximately 70 people participated in a noise-demo outside of the King County Juvenile Detention Center. Prior to this, a public meeting was held down the street from the detention center. The meeting was a panel discussion on permanently closing the jail and an open forum for ideas regarding strategy and intention. Nearly 200 people attended this widely publicized event and while they were gathered together, over 20 cruisers were mobilized to surround the meeting hall in an attempt to intimidate the organizers and future participants.

After the discussion was over, 70 people proceeded to circle the Detention Center making large amounts of noise with pots, horns, clapping, chanting, and loud screams. The group eventually made its way to the front entrance of the jail and forced the guards to lock the doors. The police held back and made no arrests. After an hour of noise-making, everyone safely dispersed.

This action was a continuation of prior anti-prison efforts in Seattle. The people involved in the struggle have grown in number since the noise-demos at the Juvenile Detention Center started nearly a year ago. The first noise-demo was conceived of as a dual act of solidarity with the children inside and the prisoner strike in Pelican Bay State Prison in California. As we write these words, another prisoner strike has started in Virginia.

The next action will be an open mic and film screening in South Seattle on June 23rd at the Life Enrichment Bookstore located at 5023 Rainier Ave. South from 4-7 PM. This event will be followed by a noise demo at the Detention Center. People will meet at 12th and Alder at 8:30 PM and proceed to make more noise for the children stuck inside.

Let us continue the fight against all prisons and use our imaginations to find ways to destroy the authoritarian world forever!


Links to previous actions:

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