Summer of Actions: May and June events from CFD

from Cascadia Forest Defenders. May 30:


It’s the end of May, which means gearing up for a summer of action in the woods and on the streets! This week we have you booked with workshops and one sweet party. Come on down and join the fun!

MAY 30th, Wednesday
Starting this Wednesday, 11 a.m., join us at the Lorax on 1648 Alder for our weekly climb training. It’s time to get the skills you need for all of those beautiful trees and pesky flag poles that you’ve been thinking about scaling. After you learn how to tie those knots, find out how you can plug in to CFD actions…

JUNE 1st, Friday

This Friday, our weekly meeting moves outside for the season: 4 pm at the park on 17th and Charnelton. Bring your lemonade, your sunscreen, and your slingshot planner. Time to get organized!

Then, Friday night, and this Friday only, head to the Lorax for an evening of stories and workshops from the Earth First! Roadshow. The Roadshow folks have been traveling Cascadia to promote the upcoming Earth First! Cascadia Regional Rendezvous, and Eugene is one of their last stops. Don’t miss out, 6 pm. Free/donation.

JUNE 2nd, Saturday

The Roadshow is also co-sponsoring a Strategic Action Planning Workshop with the Survival Center‘s “Mayhem Action Toolkit.” Come learn how to plan a direct action with your activist group or small, dedicated, bad ass group of friends. Saturday Noon at the Survival Center (Erb Memorial Union) on the UO campus.
Whew! You’ve been climbing trees and getting organized all week. Time to party! Rumor has it, Cascadia Forest Defenders know how to get down, and when Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team is in town, the dance floor gets pretty rowdy. This Saturday night, 9:00 p.m., come out to the Bike Church Warehouse on 299 Garfield (a short bike ride from the Whiteaker) for an evening of live music, food, drink, and marshmallow roasting. Featuring: Eleven Eyes, Inner Limits, and the Alder Street All Stars.

Inner Limits is the best band in Eugene,” says Cascadia Forest Defender “Doo-wop.”

Door donation $5-$15 dollars, depending on how much chili you plan on eating. As always, Forest Defenders hate to turn folks away at the door, but we’re certainly more likely to give you a discount if you bring a few friends.

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