Portland: Call to Action against Rad Fem Reboot 2012

UPDATE 2: This event listing is now a Call to Action to bring liberated perspectives to the 2012 Rad Fem Reboot, because it is a transphobic event for cissexist shitbags! (see comments below.) – (A)

UPDATE 1: {…} read the comments at the bottom. The feminist event may be a trick. – *fox

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via Radicalhub:

Rad Fem Reboot:

Rad Fem Reboot – July 27 -29, 2012

Hey sisters!

You are all invited to attend Rad Fem Reboot: 2012 Conference happening in July from the 27th till the 29th in Portland, Oregon. Three days of women only space and rad fem utopia.

Topics include:
Activist strategies for overthrowing male supremacy
Anti-sex industry activism
Creating stronger feminist communities
Advancing woman-centred sexuality and lesbianism

Speakers include:
Kathleen Barry
Susan Hawthorne
Renate Klein
Samantha Berg
Lierre Keith
Workshop with women from Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter

Seriously, what more could a rad fem want?

To find out more contact us at: sistersunderground@gmail.com

Or visit our blog or facebook page.

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4 Responses to Portland: Call to Action against Rad Fem Reboot 2012

  1. adamsmith says:

    this event and these people are a bunch of fucking cissexist shitbags, should not be posted as “queer liberation” unless you intend to shut this shit the fuck down. The group that organizes it doesn’t even allow trans* women to comment on their website: http://radicalhub.com/comments-policy/ . Transphobia and cis-supremacy will never bring liberation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Umm. Not familiar with most of these folks, but Lierre Keith’s credentials are shot to hell. DGR says enough, but the incident in SF should also raise some alarms. She sucks for a multitude of reasons. If you’re going to continue to promote this event on Grey Coast, it at least should be as a call to action to bring another perspective to the event and not an endorsement of it.

  2. STAARFOX says:

    I saw this posted on facebook and could be wrong rethinking how that was or was not contexted… but, if it is just a bunch of shitbags, then posting it here might bring their shitbaggery up for more to see. If something is done about it, perfect. – *fox

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