Portland: Call for Noise Demo [June11]

Anon. June 5:

Noise Demo Anyone? -Portland

I heard talk back in April of planning another noise demo for June 11th but have neither heard nor seen anything about it since. I’d really like for this to happen but I have not been able to contact any of the original organizers so I could really use some support from more experienced individuals.

Bring pots and pans, banners, drums, buckets, and anything else you need to make lots and lots of noise. Wear black.

Meet at the Rose Quarter Transit Center at 8:30 pm to take the MAX out there with us, or meet there at 9!

Let’s make this happen!


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1 Response to Portland: Call for Noise Demo [June11]

  1. Chase Wilson says:

    You don’t specify where “there” is. Is this on purpose?

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