Portland: QUEER ATTACK SQUADRON – CeCe Solidarity Molotov

from PugetSoundAnarchists.org. June 6:

Portland: QUEER ATTACK SQUADRON – CeCe Solidarity Molotov


Forever in the footsteps of beautiful queers like CeCe McDonald, we frustrated queers and dissidents refuse to take people’s shit.

Endless solidarity to CeCe and the action she took to defend her life and safety, and endless disgust towards the state which has twisted her hardship of being assaulted against her with pointless and arbitrary punitive action, further risking her safety.

How backwards, to face brutal social bigotry as a trans woman of color on the streets only to be forced through a system of institutionalized racist trans-misogyny. In such an openly hateful environment, how are folks like CeCe expected to NOT be ready and willing to defend themselves?

As a small gesture of solidarity with CeCe, and all others who suffer under the hand of the racist, trans-misogynist capitalist state, a Molotov cocktail has been tossed through a large window of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon late last night. The flaming bottle flew easily through the window spewing fire and glass into the building, a delightful and brief escape from the monotony of the endless spectacle.

Banks like Wells Fargo continue to profit and flourish at the expense of people like CeCe, funding the police and prison industrial complex which protect banks’ interest and profit through brute social control. Capital is such filth!

Solidarity also to those experiencing political repression here in Portland, by petty cops and worthless detectives who look to old cases and unsubstantial evidence in order to make examples of our comrades. And still, you pigs remain helpless in the face of our actions against you and the property you try to protect.




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Mainstream coverage on KGW. June 6:

Portland bank targeted over transgender case

PORTLAND — A manager of the Wells Fargo bank at 5730 NE M.L. King Blvd., discovered a broken window and an unlit Molotov cocktail inside the building Wednesday morning.

An email sent to KGW took credit for the bomb. It read in part:

“This action has been committed in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, a trans woman of color who rightfully defended herself from assault and has been sentenced to 41 months in a men’s prison, despite her gender and valid safety concerns, as transgendered women face high instances of physical and sexual assault in men’s prisons.”

McDonald was sentenced to prison this week in Minnesota for a bar killing. She was found guilty of killing a man in a bar in Minneapolis.

Before being sent to prison, McDonald, who is making a male to female transition, said the incident was fueled in part by the fears generated by going through the transgender experience.

More: Minneapolis Star-Tribune report on the McDonald case

The email to KGW also said “Wells Fargo stands as an easy target, funding the prison industrial complex along with the policing and judicial system which uphold the banking system and its profits… With such institutionalized corruption forcing beautiful queers like CeCe through such immense hardship, attacking these institutions directly is a small but necessary gesture. Just as the police attack our comrades to reify (sic) their position of power, we queers and dissenters attack back to assert just the opposite — that police and state control is illusionary.”

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