Gitxsan Against Enbridge blockade down for now

via Gitxsan Against Enbridge. June 11:


June 11, 2012  The Gitxsan Unity Movement has taken down their blockade to allow the INAC ordered forensic audit done on the Gitxsan Treaty Society (GTS) into the building. The firm Deloitte and Touche will be conducting the audit.

It has been the first time the building has been open since it went up in early December 2011. “It has been a long 6 months” said Gitxsan Unity Chief Dawamuukw, Larry Patsey. The Unity Movement realizes the work has just begun. We continue to extend invitations to the GTS Gimlitxwit to meet and help resolve our issues.

TAKE NOTICE that the Gitxsan Treaty Society and terminated staff, Gordon Sebastian, Elmer Derrick and Beverley Clifton-Percival, are not authorized representatives of the Gitxsan people. Any act engaged in by this entity or individuals representing themselves as authorized representative is invalid and of no force and effect as against the Gitxsan people.  Any Government, entity or individual who engages in negotiation or business transactions with GTS or terminated staff, do so at their own risk

We continue to strive for accountability and transparency and the return of authority and jurisdiction back to its’ rightful place, the Gitxsan Simgigyet and the Gitxsan Nation.

#### read the GTS June11 Press Release here:

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