Seattle: Reportback from June 11

via June 12:

The June 11th celebrations began last night in Seattle with a well-attended benefit dinner that also included the sharing of poetry and words of solidarity and struggle. After the dinner, there was a demonstration of about 60 people that met at Seattle Central Community College (the site of the last season’s Occupy camp). The demonstration was led by a banner that read “Free Marie Mason & Eric McDavid, Destroy All Prisons.” People distributed and threw fliers into the air that bared the names of various anarchist prisoners. Fireworks were shot off as people chanted for the destruction of all prisons. Flares were carried throughout the march and eggs were thrown at police cruisers, contributing to the festive atmosphere. The march was short but sweet, coming to a quick end when one police cruiser (with backup) swerved into the crowd, causing everyone to disperse. There were no arrests.

We may be small but we are not alone. The struggle we share with all anarchist prisoners and combatants warms our hearts and fuels our actions! Happy June 11th!

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