Olympia: Vandals do $30,000 in damage to loggers association offices in Olympia

KIRO. June 14:

TNT. June 14:

Vandals do $30,000 in damage to loggers association offices in Olympia

Vandals broke more than 20 windows and left anarchist graffiti at the Washington Contract Loggers Association on Pacific Avenue in Olympia Tuesday morning.

A spray-painted message on a wall of the building reads: “You’re never safe. Go Log in Hell,” along with an anarchist symbol.

Washington Contract Loggers Association CEO Jerry Bonagofsky said employees arrived for work Tuesday morning to find broken glass everywhere. The broken windows had been boarded up Wednesday. The damages are estimated at close to $30,000, he said.

Bonagofsky said the trade organization for independent loggers has been based in the Olympia area since about 1970. He said he can’t think of any particular issue that spurred the vandalism.

“The industry hasn’t been involved in anything controversial for years,” he said.

Employees are upset, he added. “It’s a shock. A violation of privacy.”

Nothing like this has ever happened before, he said.

Olympia police are investigating, he added.

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