Directions to EF! Regional Rendezvous [Oregon, June 20-25th]

via Cascadia Forest Defenders:

We are only two days from the Earth First! Cascadia Bioregional Rendezvous! Folks from BC to Norcal are gathering this Wednesday for five days of workshops, woods games, resistance, rowdy fires and Summer Solstice revelry. See you in the woods!

A few notes from our hardworking Regional Rondy organizers:

  • *Be sure to bring snacks for yourself and food donations for the kitchen. There is a communal kitchen …but you are part of the community…
  • *If you are reading these directions, you are probably driving to site. Do you have an open seat? Please post to our rideshare board.

Alllrighty, now for the much anticipated directions.


  • * Take I-5N to exit 292A to merge onto OR-217 N (this is in about 98 mi
    from when you get onto I-5 in Eugene)
  • * In about 7.5 mi follow signs to OR-26 W, you will be on that for just
    under 60 mi.


  • * Go West on hwy 26 for approx. 64.4 mi
  • * Left at OR-53 (hit trip meter)
  • * In .7 mi turn Left at Hamlet rd (signed and paved)
  • * In 5.6 mi (6.3) turn Left at CCC camp rd/Hamlet Elsie rd (may not besigned, however there is a sign for a boarding kennel at the turn) in a
    couple hundred feet you leave pavement
  • * In ~.9 mi (7.18) there is a 4 way intersection, keep going forward
  • * In ~ 1.3 mi (8.5) turn R onto cougar mountain rd (not signed)
  • * In .4 mi (8.9) pass the gate (should/will be open)
  • * In 1.1 mi (10) turn Left
  • * In .5 mi (10.5) take a left at 1st fork, then immediate Right
  • * In ~ 1.4 mi (11.89) take a Left (this one the mileage might not be
    accurate, it will be flagged, but it’s a named road with two forks, 1
    going right and down and one going left and up, take the left and up fork)
  • * In ~ 1.7 mi (13.58) turn Right onto N. Fork Rd (not signed)
  • * In ~ 2.1 mi (15.7) turn Right to stay on N. Fork rd (there is a sign warning that the road is closed/washed out further up the rd)
  • * Site is .2mi (15.9) up the road on the right
  • * Camping is ~.4mi (16.3) also on right
  • * Parking is ~.4mi (16.7) on the left

Numbers in parenthesis after mileage is total mileage from turning onto 53


I recommend 101 on the coast to OR-53, then turn right on N. Fork Rd (N.
Fork Rd. is ideal for bikes, you only need to go a couple of miles on
dirt roads) You can get detailed directions for bikes on Google maps if
you type in N. Fork Rd., Seaside Or, then hit the bike preference. This
route on the mapends at the site pretty much.


  • * Turn right on N. Fork Road, you might have to cross a closed gate.
  • * In about 4 miles, hang a left to get to Rendezvous site. Right would
    take you over a small bridge, and there will be a road closed ahead sign
    on the left ofthe intersection. Also it will be flagged. And as a plus
    there aren’t really any hills until this point.

May the forest bewitch you,

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