Seattle: Drag Out Capitalism!!!! [June 22]

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  • Friday, June 22 – 9pm
  • Waid’s Restaurant & Lounge – 1212 E Jefferson St. Seattle

Are you sick of the corporate spectacle that Gay Pride has become in Seattle? Do you reject the way local bars jack up their prices to try to make a profit off what is supposed to be a weekend of celebration and unity? Well so do we!!!

GLITUR would like to invite you to our Anti-Capitalist Dance Party and Drag Show at Waid’s the Friday night of Pride. It will be a night of boozing, dancing and performances filled with glitter and unicorns! We come together to strike back against popular assimilationist models of mainstream gay rights. We know that our work does not begin and end with the attainment of a gay marriage bill in WA State or with a begrudging presidential endorsement of it that seems more like a political strategy than real progress. And as long as ADAP is being cut, CeCe is behind bars for defending herself and anyone has to experience homophobia, transphobia, trans-misogyny, sexism or racism from the state or this capitalist society we will RESIST!!!

It will be $5 to get in with the proceeds going to Lifelong Aids Alliance, because Pride is about coming together and giving back, NOT MAKING MONEY!

If anyone would like to perform in the Drag Show or knows any DJs who would like to play some radical queer music, please contact Teah O’Neill.

“If I can’t dance – I don’t want to be part of your revolution” – Emma Goldman



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One Response to Seattle: Drag Out Capitalism!!!! [June 22]

  1. Ian Awesome says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, babes. You were beautiful.

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