Denman Island: RCMP Vehicle immobilized, spray painted with anti-police graffiti June 22:

RCMP Vehicle Vandalized on Denman Island

Vandals have caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to an RCMP vehicle parked overnight on Denman Island.

Sometime on the night of Wednesday, June 13 or very early Thursday morning, one or more vandals targeted a marked RCMP cruiser parked at the Denman Island-Buckley Bay ferry terminal, slashing all four tires and spray painting the vehicle with profanity and anti-police language.

The cruiser, parked at the terminal to allow the police to respond quickly to calls for help, was immobilized as a result.

Const. Nicole Hall of the Comox Valley RCMP detachment said that Denman Island is generally a peaceful place, though police calls increase during the summer months when the population explodes and alcohol consumption goes up.

For much of the year, officers typically don’t stay overnight on the island, but visit during the day and respond to calls for help at all hours. In the summer, however, there is a greater police presence and many nights there are dedicated officers on Denman.

For those times when the RCMP are not on the Island, they leave a vehicle at the terminal. The damage to the vehicle put a temporary halt to that practice while the cruiser was repaired.

“The Comox Valley RCMP’s Rural Section has spoken with dozens of people, most of them residents of Denman Island. Many are disgusted and outraged at this act of vandalism and disrespect. There have also been many residents apologizing, feeling that this could be seen as a poor reflection of the island’s people. The RCMP realize this is not the case and appreciate any assistance identifying those individuals responsible,” said Hall in a news release.

“One woman posted a letter of support at the Denman General Store. While driving her teenagers to the terminal to catch the school bus that morning, her children saw the vandalism. They were deeply embarrassed by what someone had done and wanted to attempt to clean the vehicle for the police.”

Hall said that there has been a recent surge in vandalism around the island, with various locations suffering damage over the last month.

RCMP have not named any suspects in last week’s vandalism, but they are encouraging people with information to come forward.

“Most of the public have been awesome,” said Hall. “It’s a small island. We are hoping that somebody comes forward because those are the people with their ears to the ground.”

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One Response to Denman Island: RCMP Vehicle immobilized, spray painted with anti-police graffiti

  1. brad says:

    They should have set it on fire.

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