Why Travis Baumgartner is not an Anarchist

from anonaminita. June 22:

I’ve been reading news this week about an armored car worker from Calgary who gunned down his co-workers and fled with the cash in the vehicle. After a massive search he was caught near the Lynden, WA border with a backpack full of cash.

That relates to deep class war within society. It’s also interesting because the gunman, Travis Baumgartner, had aspirations to work as a cop, deciding later against that line of work, and that he’d rather rob the armored cars.

Travis Brandon Baumgartner is being called an “anarchist” in the Canadian media.

If he is, then OK, but he’s a fucking idiot. Based on the context of the crime I highly doubted connections that he is an anarchist. It’s not because people were killed in the process of the robbery. But “killing people in the process” was the goal. I’m not pro – ordinary people getting murdered for some money, and they’re just working for the money like Baumgartner, anyway. So murdering them is not the class war, it’s society’s psycho bullshit. Murder is a high profile action. Anarchists have assassinated high profile figures. These people were not high-profile figures. Why would an anarchist go out of their way to assassinate them? A couple years ago some people died in a fire during a riot in Athens. Anarchists were not parading the fact that people died in a fire that started out of something in the anarchist milieu, whether the fire was started by long-time anarchists or not. It was not the best thing to happen. People dying is not insurrectionary. The death of armored car workers is either an example of carelessness, or psychopathy. And if murdering the guards was the thrill itself for Baumgartner, as it supposedly was, then it is psychopathy. On what basis is Baumgartner an anarchist then? Or on what basis is he some kind of illegalist, anarchist insurrectionary? Is he part of an anarchist milieu? And was this an “anarchist” expropriation? Really? No, this is just the media.

How did the media start saying that he is an anarchist in the first place? As an anarchist I want to know on what basis do they decide who is an anarchist.

Here is the genealogy of relevant media. The first article appearing after he was captured used the word “anarchist” in the last sentence of the article, in reference The Joker from the Batman movie, Dark Knight. The Joker in that movie, by the way, is not an anarchist either. The Joker is connected to “anarchy” because somewhere in the movie there is a reference to an anarchist symbol, or something about The Joker going around and causing “anarchy” which is a semantic misnomer. The Joker is anti-organization… maybe that’s how he is an anarchist? Well, then why is The Joker the crimelord boss? Is it a insurrectionary network of theives? No, it’s not. The Joker is only anarchist insofar as he is unpredictable, ungovernable, and so on. All the henchman do the work for him, for The Joker, who sits like a fat cat on top of mounds of cash, and what’s the point of it? The Joker is only ANTI-STATE simply because the state stands in the way of him making money. It’s purely one-dimensional. So he’s an illegalist, but he’s capitalist. So then anyway, the Joker is an “anarchist” according to Hollywood. Batman is about the most pro-superstate comic book ever created. The Joker is a “straw man” character standing in for what it means to be anti-state.

So  … because (at some point on Facebook) Travis Baumgartner made a reference to (it’s not clear what the context is) the Joker from Batman … and the Joker in Batman is supposedly an anarchist, which he is not … that all this somehow makes Travis Baumgartner an “anarchist” …

Examples of anarchists from comic book series are figures like “V” and characters from “The Invisibles” etc.

The Batman comics were not created by anarchists. Batman is a one-man police state, and Batman — a superhero policeman — is “the good guy” whereas The Joker is the villain… ENOUGH SAID. There’s some really fucking idiotic newswire writers out there, thinking along lines of their own spectacle.

If Travis Baumgartner is an anarchist, he would also know more about what anarchists do and anarchists are, from more than an image in a Hollywood Batman movie.

Baumgartner is just some guy who at some point in his life wanted to be a cop, then wanted to rob an armored car, and likes to watch Hollywood movies.

And by the way Dark Knight is a fucking stupid movie.

– (A)

The Province. June 18:

Alberta anarchist goes quietly: Border officers describe how murder suspect drove right into his arrest

His Facebook page talked about introducing a little anarchy like the Joker in the movie Dark Knight. It mentioned “popping people off” just to make the six o’clock news.

Suspected in the bloody armoured car heist that left three of his guard colleagues dead, police called him armed and extremely dangerous. They warned the public not to approach him.

But in the end, authorities say, Travis Brandon Baumgartner drove right into his arrest by trying to cross the Aldergrove-Lynden border crossing with a bag full of cash. And he went quietly, without a fight.

“Quite frankly, I am very happy with the way that it ended – that it ended peacefully,” Edmonton police Supt. Bob Hassel told the media Sunday.

“We have been in contact with all of the families involved including Sandy Baumgartner, who is the mother of Travis, and everybody is relieved that he is now in custody.”

Baumgartner, 21, had been on the run since early Friday when Edmonton police issued warrants for his arrest on three counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Baumgartner was a security guard for the armoured car company G4S. Police say he was on an overnight crew of five that was reloading an ATM at a University of Alberta mall and residence. Shots rang out and four of the guards went down.

Eddie Rejano, 39, Michelle Shegelski, 26, and Brian Ilesic, 35, all died. Matthew Schuman survived and remained in critical condition in hospital Sunday.

An armoured car was found halfway across the city. It was left running with its lights on.

Police identified Baumgartner as a suspect early. They went public and alerted other agencies. They released pictures of his truck and revealed it had the licence plate from his mother’s car on it. His mother made a plea for her son to surrender.

Police say that when Baumgartner tried to cross the U.S. border Saturday afternoon, he was driving the same dark-blue pickup truck investigators had been looking for, the same Alberta licence plate belonging to his mom on the back.

He had no passport, just a driver’s licence that police had flagged in their computers.

They say there was a backpack with $330,000 in the truck.

When he pulled up to the crossing, the U.S. system spit out a warning that led to his arrest at gunpoint.

Because he hadn’t entered the U.S., he was turned over to Canadian authorities.

Baumgartner is expected to remain in RCMP custody in Langley until later this week.

Eight Edmonton police officers have flown to B.C. and are “sifting through evidence” in Baumgartner’s truck and belongings, Hassel added.

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Alberta+anarchist+goes+quietly/6798548/story.html#ixzz1yZOzaCom

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5 Responses to Why Travis Baumgartner is not an Anarchist

  1. jay says:

    holy shit!

  2. Josh says:

    It was in Edmonton not Calgary.

  3. Eric Haynes says:

    The Joker burns his money, he is in it for the destruction. Not that it matters in this case… I live three blocks away from where this shooting happened. TB is not a anarchist, he is just a sociopath and a moron.

  4. Eric Haynes says:

    And yes, I forgot, it is a stupid movie.

  5. Noel says:

    Edmonton, not Calgary

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