Seattle: U-District dumpsters catch on fire

KIROtv. June 25:

Police search for U-District arsonist

SEATTLE — Police were on the hunt Monday for an arsonist who struck twice near the University of Washington campus late last week.

Investigators said someone intentionally set two fires Friday, just a few blocks away from each other; one on 8th Avenue Northeast and the other on 11th Avenue Northeast.

One was sparked in a dumpster and left to burn right near an occupied apartment building, the Seattle Police Department said. The culprit also set fire to wood pallets.

Signs were posted to warn tenants of the danger and to report anything suspicious.

One resident said he’d experienced this before.

“We had an arson or fire thing happen last summer, too, out in our dumpster,” Justin Lee said. “It was, like, midnight and the fire was kind of serious. Everybody in the apartment was threatened.”

There have been a string of arsons in the U-District over the past several years. In 2010, a car was set ablaze near the location of last week’s fires.

Seattle police haven’t arrested anyone yet and have asked anyone with any information to call them.

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