Warrior society could help defend against oil spill

from Straight.com. June 28:

It’s upsetting that the West Coast Warrior Society has disbanded [“Warrior societies wanted”, June 21-28]. Pacific Trail Pipelines is set to begin bulldozing across central B.C. this fall for their and Enbridge’s proposed pipelines. It’s time for such a society to regroup and stand strong.

This rugged, inaccessible mountainous wilderness with in excess of 1,500 fish-bearing waterways, containing the lands of more than 50 aboriginal nations—most with unsettled land claims—deserves protection.

This is a significant sovereignty infringement upon these nations’ title to traditional territories, which was recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Delgamuukw ruling.

There are 220 supertanker sailings planned each year in close proximity to the Great Bear Rainforest and Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. Salmon, other aboriginal fisheries, and much more is at stake. In 2010, the Union of B.C. Municipalities and all affected First Nations resolved to ban tankers in B.C., as well as Enbridge’s proposed pipeline.

That this proposition endangers the future welfare of whole First Nations and nonaboriginal communities alike cannot be overstated. A small debris flow from this pipeline could destroy our most productive salmon runs forever. These events happen all the time, as do unpredictable coastal storms and shifting sea bottoms. The danger is too great.

Warrior is not a term of violence, but of defending one’s truth. Warrior societies are part of everyone’s history, but they should not be confined to the past. First Nations leaders are calling for support and solidarity to defend their territory.

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