Seattle: Reportback from QFQ Solidarity March (6/29)

PSA. June 30:

Reportback from QFQ Solidarity March (6/29)

Last night about 100 people gathered at Seattle Central Community College on Capitol Hill for a queer street dance party and march. The action was called in response to the suppression, assault, and arrest of 6 comrades last weekend during Pride at the 4th Annual Queers Fucking Queers (anti-capitalist, anti-assimilation) street party.

Of those who came to the plaza many were dressed head to toe in pink and black or carried pink and black flags. Music blared out of a small sound system and people took turns getting on the mic. The overall sentiment expressed was, “If you touch one of us, or mess with one of us then you’ll be dealing with the rest of us” (more or less in those words). The police were neurotic and predicatively over-prepared by creating a fortress around the East Precinct with everything from horses to the SWAT team.

The march went on without incident. People mostly chose to simply hurl insults at the police and dance in the streets in front of them as their own act of defiance and lack of interest in the police spectacle. Midnight Jack, in act of pure stupidity and arrogance, appeared toward the end of the night and joined the police line where he received more harassment from the demonstrators than most of the police did.

Although, the night was quiet it was filled with joy for many and a collective feeling for some that people do care about their fellow comrades that were attacked and arrested last Saturday night and are willing to come together in the streets in express that, even in such a small gesture as dancing in the streets.

Drop all the charges!
Against the co-optation of struggle; Stonewall was a riot and some of us are still proud of it!

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