Seattle: July events at the Wildcat

from The Wildcat:

Upcoming Events at the Wildcat

July 7th 1PM : Self-Defense Seminar: Occupy/Decolonize Personal Safety

Learn some of the time-tested self defense techniques and strategies
taught to the Anti-Fascist Working Group of Occupy/Decolonize Seattle.
This is part of Seattle Free University’s Summer Series.

Meet at the Wildcat (1105 23rd Ave)

July 10th 7PM-Reading Group: Anarchists Classics

This the beginning of a possibly ongoing reading group that will center
around classic anarchist authors and texts.

We will start with “The ABC’s of Anarchism” by Alexander Berkman

We’ll discuss that piece and then decide where to go from there.

Happy reading!

July 14th 1PM- Radical History of the Central District

This is part of Seattle Free University’s Summer Series.

July 14th 6PM- Dinner & Film – Kanasetake: 270 Years of Resistance

A film detailing the 1990 indigenous rebellion against the Canadian
government. A discussion and benefit for Seattle delegation to southern

The Wildcat 1105 23rd Ave

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