Seattle: Reportback from July 4th noise demo at the juvie

PugetSoundAnarchists.Org. July 5:

This evening a group of about 20 people held an impromptu noise demo at the king county juvenile detention facility. We were a small but noisy crowd. After various forms of disturbance were used we finally made contact with some youth on the inside. We were able to get the names of five incarcerated youth for future letter writing. One told us that a youth had been sexually assaulted by a staff member last week. Throughout our demo several neighborhood people stopped by to ask what we were doing and we were able to have good conversations about the plans to build a new juvenile detention center.

After a few minutes of dialogue some police showed up and asked us to stop beating on the walls and to get off the property. We slowly moved to the corner and continued our noise demo for a few moments longer. Thankfully everyone was able to leave without incident.

Here is a short video of our demo:

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