Gitxsan: When Push Comes to Shove

via GitxsanUnityMovement. July 11:

When Push Comes to Shove

The Gitxsan Treaty Society (GTS) has proven themselves disrespectful over and over again. Disrespectful to the High Chiefs of our Nation, by holding meetings excluding the wisdom of said Chiefs. They have disrespected the Gitxsan members who have not been born of the Gitxsan womb, leading this writer to suspect exclusion within their treaty talks. Suggesting banishment of our most noblest Chiefs within our Nation, for standing up for accountability, transparency and the return of authority and jurisdiction to its’ rightful place, the Gitxsan Simgiigyet and the Gitxsan Nation. At a meeting with about 50 people, the GTS, did not heed to the Chiefs present, and deal with the Gitxsan crises with Gitxsan law. Many of those Chiefs calling for NO Treaty!

This disrespect has caused much disarray within our Nation. Leading to the formation of a group of Chiefs, fearing that the GTS will deal away their land and resouces for mere pennies. This new group is called the Gitxsan Huwilp Advisory Services Association (GHASA) and it represents two thirds of the Gitxsan territories. This is what happens when a nation becomes deceived by its’ apparent leadership. The Chiefs have pulled their territories from the GTS, to protect their land and the house groups interests and way of life!

The following is an excerpt from GHASA explaining who they are;

Included in the next display is a map of the declaration Chiefs who do not endorse the GTS, for how they do business within and outside our Nation.

True leaders are up front with their followers. True leaders would have ended the Gitxsan Crises on December 5, 2011. This did not happen, the GTS has chosen to take their very own people to court instead. They claim it was at the whim of the board of directors.

On July 17, 18 and 19th, 2012 the GTS will be having meetings at the Gitsegukla School. At this meeting you will witness the true leaders of our Gitxsan Nation rise to the disrespect of the Gitxsan Treaty Society. This meeting is open to all Gitxsan, born of the Gitxsan womb or not. We are one Nation, let us rise on these days… together as one Nation!

John Olson

Gitxsan Unity Movement

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