Portland: Memetic Cascadia [Tuesdays]

Portland IMC:

Memetic Cascadia: The Color of Revolution

  • Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:00 at St Francis (in the Che Room) SE 12th and Pine in Portland. Starting July 17th.

We will examine ways to transform the abstract idea of Cascadia, the bioregion, into a contagious idea associated with our regional identity. The goal is to create a bioregional awakening (Cascadia) that will become widespread and very contagious meme.

Second phase of this course will explore nonviolent struggles and nonviolent revolutions. We will use materials that will lay out a step by step process on creating populous nonviolent socio economic change. While using the materials for this class it will be important to be mindful of the source of the material while understanding the value these tools and concepts offer. This course will be approached as a continuous working group where the responsibility of assigned material is crucial for the group as a whole to move forward. Participants playing games or subverting the collective learning of the whole maybe asked by the whole to take a less active role in the course or even be asked to leave. Ideally the materials (methods and concepts) will be examined each week with the goal of applying them to current struggles against authoritarian systems or systems of structural violence.

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