Seattle: We Should Expect Nothing Less

via July 13:

This is the text from a leaflet for the Can’t Raid This Rage March. The pdf is here. Print some for tonight!

Early in the morning of July 10th, police broke down the doors of a home of activists involved with Decolonize/Occupy Seattle.

To some, this was a sudden, surprising occurrence of brute repression. But this event is not so exceptional.The City through its police force is an agent of social control, attempting to manage all forms of dissent into unthreatening gestures of reform.

Appeals to law, “rights” or constitutionality or any other fabricated social fiction will avail to nothing; other than an affirmation of the very logic that keeps this system in
place.We should expect nothing less from the forces of order who only crave our apathy and submission.

We can not let fear of repression hasten our project of revolt. If we desire lives unregulated by coercive control, we must come together with others whose eyes shine too, that
glisten with stars of rebellion and joy.

Towards a wilderness untamed, collectivized into a force of social revolt!

~ anarchists

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