Seattle: Photos of undercover cops

via All Power to the Positive. July 14:
KKKops Pathetic Attempt At Infiltration At The March In Support Of Red Spark Collective and Against Police Terrorism.

Take a good look at these pics. If you can match a name, badge number, and/or precinct, please let us know.

On July 13th, the various organizations and individuals who make up Occupy/Decolonize Seattle and our allies took to the streets to protest the recent Seattle Police SWAT Team Raid on the Red Spark Collective (July 10th).

During the march, the individuals pictured to the right were seen by several demonstrators and residents leaving from where the uniformed Seattle Police had set up their staging area in small groups of two.

The amerikkkan, knee-grow, idiot, McWeirdo pictured in the top right photo later on had the nerve to ask for change for a bus back to Westlake Park (where the march began)!

He was told “walk back”. When he said he was kicked out of the march, he was then told “Next time, work for the people, not the pig!”

These a$$hats need to be eternally grateful that we live in amerikkka; if this was Naxalbiri, India all of them would be headless by now.

SPD: Stay the f–k out of our movement. Better yet, disarm completely and submit to the [astute/decolonizing/community-building/revolutionaries amongst the] 99%.

But most importantly, WAKE UP, GOD DAMMIT!

– Sensei Lewis.

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