Seattle: Vandals smash windows at more Seattle banks

Komo4News. July 16:

Click here for video

SEATTLE — Vandals smashed windows at two Wells Fargo banks early Monday, and police are trying to determine who is responsible.

Officials said it appears someone used rocks to break the windows at a branch on Sandpoint Way NE about 1:30 a.m., and at 3 a.m. windows were smashed at a branch in the 4000 block of East Madison Street.

The branch on Madison Street was also damaged in January, when vandals smashed windows and left graffiti on the walls.

Police used a tracking dog but were unable to locate any suspects. Detectives are reviewing surveillance video from both banks.

Banks throughout the city have increasingly been the target of vandalism in the last year, with many branches being hit during overnight hours by vandals who smash windows and sometimes leave anarchist graffiti.

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