Port Townsend: Radical Mycology Convergence [Oct 18 – 22]

From Radical Mycology:

The final location and dates of the 2012 Radical Mycology Convergence (RMC) are finally here! This year, we are going for a 5-day event as we feel there is so much info we want to share that two or three days just aren’t enough. As with last year, there is a maximum number of attendees that we can have on the land, thus there will be an RSVP / registration system to help anticipate numbers. We feel that without such a system, attendance might go well over the limit and we’d end up having to turn people away.  So your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Location: Port Townsend, WA (exact address to be given upon registration)
Date: October 18-22, 2012 (Thursday-Monday)
Suggested Donation: $10-50 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

The Vision (What is this all about?)

To read the reportback from the first RMC (2011) and see how that one went, click here.

What: As with the first RMC, we envision this unique event to be a volunteer-run gathering of mycologists, fungal enthusiasts, and Earth healers coming together to share skills and information related to the benefits of the fungal kingdom in terms of remediative properties as well as human uses. This 5-day event will culminate in a remediation project (putting theory to practice) and will also be a unique chance to build community with like-minded mycophiles (aka mushroom lovers) from around the world.

Why: Because these skills need to get shared! We want to make information on fungi and their healing powers accessible and tangible for as many people as possible without making it overly-heady or technical. By creating an encouraging space we hope to “be-mushroom” and educate all who attend.

Who: The organizers of the RMC would like to cordially invite anyone interested in participating in this event to come and learn, help out, or teach!

We have created a new website for the RMC! Please visit it here for all the information you will ever need about the event, including how to register.


In sporidarity,
The Radical Mycology Convergence organizers

And as a bonus, here’s a quirky interview some of the RMC organizers recently did at KOWA in Olympia, WA about the RMC.

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