Seattle: Festival of Resistance against the Juvie [July 26]


  • Thursday, July 26
  • The Youth Jail on 12th Ave at Alder (211 East Alder Seattle, WA 98122)

The County is planning to spend $210 MILLION to “rehabilitate” the youth jail on 12th and Alder. The plan includes building commercial spaces that will further gentrify the Central District.

We say stop spending money to lock up youth of color! Our communities need health care, housing, jobs, childcare, income, and gardens, not more police violence, courts and cages!

On July 26, join us for a day-long Festival of Resistance at the youth jail! Attend workshops on dealing with the police, transformative justice, self defense, screen printing, and gorilla gardening. Participating in writing letters to prisoners and making art. Marching band and Food Not Bombs dinner at 6pm! Help spread the message:

VOTE NO on Proposition 1, the levy to raise money for the new youth jail on AUGUST 7!


Come hang out and meet your neighbors! There will be food, music, workshops, activities for kids and more! Rally at 6pm!!

More info on why we oppose Proposition No. 1:

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1 Response to Seattle: Festival of Resistance against the Juvie [July 26]

  1. Lake Desire says:

    You should specify which proposition #1 you mean… this is King County Proposition #1. The other Proposition #1 (Seattle) is for libraries.

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