Seattle: “Food For Everyone” reportback – happens Every Sunday

Seattle Protester Gazette. July 23:

Food For Everyone Is a Great Success. and it happens Every Sunday at 24th avenue And East Cherry In Seattle WA

So on Sunday July 22ND 2012. There was a event called Food For Everyone.  It Happens every Sunday at 2 pm. at 24th Avenue  AND EAST CHERRY On The Sidewalk beside the long time abandoned Horace Man School.  All They Suggest Is you bring food to share.  So What Happened Today is that people Started arriving at 1:50 PM. There were  10 to 15 people at food for everyone at about 2:10 pm. Then at around 3 pm,There was about 25 people.  The maximum amount of people  at this food for everyone was 30 people.

There Was alot of food. All the way from Macaroni to hamburgers to cake. . So what happened that  Day is that they chatted among themselves And some of them chatted about canvassing for a anti prison event.   The people even Had a  discussion group that was  Unofficial Legal training regarding  how to deal with police.  The two people leading that discussion were 2 occupiers from new york city.  They chatted and ate food and then disbursed around 5 pm.

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