Wildcat: Call for Printed Pamphlets/Zines!

via Wildcat. July 23:

The Wildcat’s reserves of pamphlets and zines is getting a bit low.  Help
keep the space stocked with awesome texts by printing your favorite
anarchist pamphlets and dropping them off during events, Free University
classes (Saturdays 11-2), or L@s Quixotes library open hours (Sundays and
Mondays, 3-6pm).  We have 8.5×11 paper if you need some.

Here are a few resources for texts:
Black Spring Press: http://blackspringpress.noblogs.org/pdfs/
Rise Like Lions: http://riselikelions.net/
The Anarchist Library: http://theanarchistlibrary.org/
Prole.info: http://prole.info/
Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness: http://www.tangledwilderness.org/
Tides of Flame (back issues): http://tidesofflame.wordpress.com/about

The Wildcat

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