Seattle & Portland: Anaheim Solidarity Anti-Police Repression Marches

– photos from fatal police shootings and repression in Anaheim, CA this week.



  • When: Friday, July 27th @5:30PM.
  • Where: MLK and NE Killingsworth.
  • Why: Fuck the police, that’s why!

Stop police murder!  Stop FBI raids on political activists!  In solidarity with Anaheim, N/NE Portland, and all victims of police violence.



  • Friday, July 27 @ 8pm
  • Edwin T Pratt Park – near 18th & Jackson (Central District)

On July 21st, an unarmed, 24-yr old Latino named Manuel Angel Diaz was shot several time by officers of the Anaheim Police department. He was left unattended to die where he was shot. The community stood up, and were brutally repressed by police who released an attack dog on a mother and her baby and shot indiscriminately at the crowd of neighbors, including women and children.

Anaheim was enraged already, but then the APD struck again killing Joel Acevedo another Latino during an apparent “gun fight” on the night of Sunday the 22nd. Witnesses nearby only heard the fire of the guns by the cops, though the police said they found a gun sitting next to the body of Joel. He was stopped for accused car theft.

Both of these men were “documented gang members”, something used as an excuse by APD for their actions. We will not take excuses for violence on our communities, especially those of color, anywhere. Not in Anaheim, not in Dallas, not in Oakland, not here in Seattle and surrounding area.

We in Seattle know how the cops lie their way to getting away with murdering people. Let’s stand up with our allies across the US to show the people of Anaheim that we stand in solidarity and to let it be known that enough is enough, the police are not welcome in our communities.

All Cops are Bastards Everywhere

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