Seattle: Everything 4 Everyone music/art/presentations [Aug 11 – 12]

E4E is a mix of anti-politics and politics of the left. Their lineup and schedule is posted below. To think E4E is designed as an exclusive platform for communists is dramatic. In reality the event will reflect whatever is there, like any other event especially out of Occupy Seattle. This event is put together by anarchists, communists and others. – anon


Lineup –

Music & Art

  • The Super8
  • The Hinges
  • Eugene Fontleroy
  • Suntonio Bandanaz
  • ACAB
  • Julie C
  • MC Dee.Ale, Too Quick, and DJ Eazeman
  • With more TBA!


  • All Power to the Positive – Live Podcast
  • Anti-imperialism and Struggles for Self-Determination within the US Empire: the Jackson-Kush Plan as a Model of Decolonization
  • Beyond the Ruckus: Fighting White Supremacy to Defeat It; the Legacy of Bring the Ruckus
  • Butoh Performance
  • Class Struggle: Organizing Across Student/Worker Lines at Institutions of Education
  • Commune: A documentary / preview Metropolis
  • “Either we Invent, or we Err”: Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution
  • Fork in the Road: The Path to Revolution through Investigation
  • Free U: Liberating Knowledge for Everyone
  • From Down with Mubarak to Down With the 1%: A Discussion of Strategy and Revolution
  • Identifying and Overcoming Challenges to Movement-building: a Dialogue Through Interactive Theatre
  • ILWU Under Attack and the Upcoming West Coast Port Contracts
  • Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Land Defense and Class Struggle: The Red-Green Alliance
  • Occupy / Decolonize Personal Safety: A Self-Defense Seminar
  • Queer Liberation and Smashing Capital with Gay Shame, Bash Back, GLITUR
  • Queer Theory, Colonization and Gentrification: A Radical History of Seattle
  • Should We Vote in the Elections?: A Discussion Between the Commons and Get Money Out of Politics
  • What now? Lessons from Occupy and the Greek Revolution
  • With more TBA!

Schedule –

Workshops & Presentations
11am – 7pm @ JEFFERSON PARK
Beacon Hill • 4165 16th Ave. S

Topic Include: the environment and capitalism, revolutionary strategy, alternative economy, reports from Greece, Venezuela, Oakland — Student Organizing and Education, & much more.

Music: Madshroom, The Hinges, Eugene Fauntleroy, ACAB, the Super8, MC Dee.Ale Too Quick, and DJ Eazeman, Sista Hailstorm, Suntonio Bandanaz, Derox… + more TBA

The Music Stage
Plenary: “Beyond the Gaystream”
Equality Does Not Equal Liberation

GLITUR– Grand Legion of Incendiary and
Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries

Sunday — Aug. 12
Seattle First Baptist Church – Fellowship Hall
First Hill • 1111 Harvard Ave.

Plenary: “From Down with Mubarak to Down with the 1%”
A Discussion of Strategy & Revolution

Kali Akuno – Malcom X Grassroots Movement
Sopiko Japaridze – Take Back the Block
Geoff MC – former Bring the Ruckus
Eric Ribellarsi – Kasama Project

Sunday Night Dance Party @ The Highline
Capitol Hill • 210 Broadway East

Film Screening: Commune

9:00pm – 1:30am
Music: Black Spaghetti, ACAB, Eugene Fauntleroy

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