Vancouver BC: new files reveal RCMP/CSEC spying on First Nations

Vancouver Media Co-op. July 25:

New Files Arrived – How CSE claims to protect privacy, and more Aboriginal Spying

I just got back from Portland, and I had a series of ATIP reponses waiting for me. I had three CDs from the CBSA, unfortunately only one of which is readable. That being said, it’s an RCMP E-Divison Aboriginal Policing Services Monthly Intelligence Reports. This is basically a report on the RCMP and others spying on First Nations communities, including the Tsilhqot’in in Williams Lake, as well as First Nations opposition to the Enbridge Pipeline. It seems that this is the replacement of the old Aboriginal JIG, and that the spying continues.

In addition, I got a document about the operations of CSEC when monitoring targets. This is what I got when I asked the question “What happens when CSEC intercepts the communications of a Canadian overseas”. There is an interesting definition of what a Canadian is for CSEC which not only includes Canadian Citizens, but Landed Immigrants, not-for-profits and corporations. There’s also the document which talks about the Five Eyes Agreement and the policy of the UK-USA Agreements where in theory the governments promise to not spy on each others citizens. I didn’t expect to see this on the book, in fact I expected to see the exact opposite, (especially since the NSA spies on Americans). The document is hard to read because it’s extremely redacted, but I start to get the feeling that any intercepted Canadian info is forwarded to CSIS and it’s CSIS who actually reads the intercepted Canadian data and stores it as per a Memorandum of Understanding between the two agencies. This technicality is really sneaky, since it allows CSEC to be telling the truth, since it doesn’t intercept with its CSE hat on and instead puts on its CSIS hat. It’d be good if someone else could read over this one and tell me if I’m right here, since this is heavily redacted.

As usual, here are the documents. The other CBSA documents aren’t readable, and I have to scan in the RCMP documents that were sent. For some reason other RCMP ATIP Analysts send paper instead of just e-mailing me PDFs. E-mailing PDFs is much better, and I wish more people would do it.

  • A201100566.PDF – Various CSE manuals regarding how they protect the privacy of Canadians, and their definition of who is covered – SHA1SUM: 85656378d1733e1e38a9ff1deade22c560f97568
  • A0109024.PDF – RCMP E-Division Intelligence Report – Aboriginal Policing Services – December 2011 – SHA1SUM: 460ebea5644e5d7dfa113b40d443032c428da412
  • A0109024.PDF – RCMP E-Division Intelligence Report – Aboriginal Policing Services – November 2011 – SHA1SUM: 5f3a200a883b3e8b208ac0ea5fbf28a20d623388
  • A0109024.PDF – RCMP E-Division Intelligence Report – Aboriginal Policing Services – September 2011 – SHA1SUM: d9fae1771238e25c60e1ac249190cfab2f077139
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