Seattle: Reportback from Anaheim Solidarity March July 28:

On Saturday, July 28th, a group of over 60 people met at Pratt Park in the Central District for a march against the police in solidarity with comrades in Anaheim. After smoking a little weed and talking with people in the park, the crowd marched up to 23rd and proceeded to slowly march down one of the two main drags of the neighborhood. In the march were elders, families, and children.

The sentiment in the Central District was overwhelmingly supportive and it is clear that almost no one in the neighborhood desires the continued existence of the police. In addition to this, there were numerous people who had heard of Anaheim, indicating that anger over what is happening in Southern California is spreading beyond radical circles and into the general population.

After collecting several new people at the Wildcat social center, the crowd paused at the corner of 23rd and Union where an impromptu history lesson took place. People got to hear the story of the police killing an unarmed black man on that corner and the demonstrations that followed. They heard of how then-mayor Schell came to talk to the demonstrators and was then punched in the face and hospitalized. After much laughter, the crowd continued west towards the East Precinct.

When they arrived, the precinct was barricaded (since the day-time smashing of an SPD cruiser in front of the station in February, 2011, the police have barricaded the four surrounding blocks every time there is a demo). After lingering around two of the four barricades, the crowd eventually found itself confronting several high-profile pigs who they happened to stumble upon sitting in their cars. The twenty bike cops that had been trailing the march then moved in the protect the arch-swine from the furious crowd.

Eventually, the crowd began heading down Pine towards Broadway. Before they got there, a King5 news van drove into the crowd, hitting the people in the street. At this point it was attacked by several individuals, all of whom escaped the police assault that soon followed. In the attack, one person who had done nothing was singled out and arrested. Several other were successfully un-arrested in the fight.

While this was occurring, a large crowd began gathering that was not sympathetic to the police. Unfortunately, during the moment when the true magic could have begun, there were too few people in the street. However, let it be clearly stated: the cauldron of the summer is boiling. Let’s all get out on the streets!

The person who was arrested has our complete solidarity. More details regarding his status will be posted once they are known.

Long live anarchy

Long live freedom


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