Seattle: Ground Noise & Static RNC/DNC film screening @ The Wildcat [Aug 2]

UPDATE: watch the film online on, or:


  • Thursday, Aug 2 – 7pm @ The Wildcat

“In November, one or the other of the corporate candidates will win, and then, as always, it will be what the people do, not the politicians, that counts. A video report on the protests that occurred in connection with the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, Ground Noise & Static is a manifesto. We went to Denver and St. Paul to take the pulse of the movement. Corporate media would cover the platitudes and posturing of the politicians, we were interested in something else, a story hidden in plain sight, captured in the now-classic street chant, ‘This is what democracy looks like.’ Ground Noise & Static is a joint effort of Franklin Lopez of subMedia and PepperSpray Productions. It is the direct result of a wonderful collaboration with many indymedia-style activists and journalists who all pitched in for the common good and success of their various efforts to tell their ‘Unconventional’ stories.”

Join PepperSpray Productions filmmakers at the Wildcat on Thursday, August 2, at 7 pm to watch this 2008 documentary. Afterwards, we’ll discuss the 30 minute film, reflect on the resistance to the 2008 DNC/RNC, the police repression of activists, and the upcoming protests to the 2012 Republicrat National Conventions.

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