OPB Radio: subpeonaed not cooperating – neither FBI or Justice Department confirm a grand jury process

Oregon Public Broadcast. Aug 1:

After FBI Raid Two Portland Residents Refuse To Testify For Grand Jury

Two Portlanders say an FBI raid last week put them at the center of a grand jury proceeding. And they do not intend to cooperate.

Dennison Williams lives in Portland. “Last week the FBI knocked down my door and threw in flash bang grenades into my house. They came in with guns and held them on me while handcuffing me. They subpoenaed me to speak before a grand jury.”

Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department has released information about the nature of the warrants for the raids.  They haven’t said what they found in the three houses searched.

Williams said he does not feel comfortable discussing the charges against him, but says he works on anarchist projects, and is critical of the government.

He’s been ordered to appear before a grand jury in Seattle Thursday. But Williams says he has no intention of going, and believes he’ll be asked to inform on other suspected anarchists.

Another person who says she was present during the raids, Leah-Lynn Plante, has made a similar pledge.

Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department has commented to confirm a grand jury process.

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