Olympia: Grand Jury Resistance presentation at New Directions Fest [Aug 3 – 5]

From NoPoliticalRepression:

Upcoming event: FBI Repression and Grand Jury Resistance presentation, Olympia

This event is taking place in Olympia, WA as part of New Direction Fest. You do not have to have a NDF ticket to attend this presentation.

On Wednesday, July 26, the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force raided three houses in Portland, looking for black clothing, electronics, flag-making materials, and anarchist literature. That same morning, they served federal grand jury subpoenas to two individuals in Portland and one individual in Olympia, for an investigative grand jury to convene on August 2nd in Seattle.

Federal investigative grand juries are secretive, repressive, and often misunderstood. This presentation will explore the nature and purpose of grand juries. We will also talk about tactics for resisting FBI repression, and what to do if you are approached by an FBI agent in relation to a grand jury or otherwise.

This workshop is presented by members of the Committee Against Political Repression, and is part of New Direction Fest. In order to make this presentation accessible to those who don’t have tickets to New Direction Fest, it will be held outside in a park. Unfortunately we’re not sure what the seating situation is going to be, we may have to all sit on the grass. If you have concerns about physical accessibility please get in touch with organizers of New Direction Fest to see about bringing chairs over from the Eagles Ballroom.

Facebook event page here: http://www.facebook.com/events/366600013410924/
Upcoming event: FBI Repression and Grand Jury Resistance presentation, Olympia

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