Portland Police urge owners of vacant homes to sign ‘Trespass Agreements’

From OPB Radio. Aug 6:

Portland Police Urge Owners Of Vacant Homes To Sign ‘Trespass Agreements’
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Portland police are urging owners of vacant homes to sign “trespass agreements,” so officers can immediately take enforcement action if someone moves in illegally.

The advisory comes after Derek John Charles Zika was arrested Sunday for squatting in part of a newly-built duplex in Northeast Portland.

Adrian Guerrero, of a group calling itself the “Blazing Arrows” says Zika was taking part in an occupation of the duplex to protest gentrification.

“The goal is to provide a community center and organizing space that will house events and resources for the community as well as provide a living space for organizers fighting gentrification and police brutality,” he said.

Guerrero says he’s living in a house right next to the new duplex, which belongs to Alicia Jackson. He says Jackson’s home was foreclosed and the land divided so the duplex could be built.

Guerrero says he and others moved into Jackson’s house this May Day.

Police say when they arrived Sunday, a large group of people were in the front yard. A 15-foot sign hung across the duplex front porch saying “Together we are unevictable.”

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